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Laura Sherriff: Benefits of Lifting Weights

In my day to day life, I hear very negative things said about weight lifting especially by women who seem to think weights make them bulk and they should stick to their cardio to keep them lean. Science dictates that women are unable to build muscle like men and lifting will only help us to burn fat and look better. Here are the benefits I believe…

You can still be Yummy and Pregnant!! Doubts about working out while pregnant? Read on!

For lots of pregnant women the idea of giving up a beloved exercise routine is enough to turn their stomach more than a bad case of morning sickness and the price of a gold encrusted cot combined. But do not despair you mummies to be; pregnancy is actually an ideal time to peel yourselves from the couch, stay active and feel amazing. Let's face it,…

Why are you not losing fat

Ok so you’re frustrated, you are making every effort to loose fat but it simply won’t shift! I decided to write some reasons why this might be the case in order for you to correct your fat loss mistakes!

Not training efficiently

You may only like to use the cardio machines…