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Laura Sherriff: Benefits of Lifting Weights

In my day to day life, I hear very negative things said about weight lifting especially by women who seem to think weights make them bulk and they should stick to their cardio to keep them lean. Science dictates that women are unable to build muscle like men and lifting will only help us to burn fat and look better.
Here are the benefits I believe weight lifting can offer anyone who chooses to participate.

  • Better body
  • Challenges our central nervous system
  • Increases flexibility (yoga and pilates will only take us so far)
  • Allows us to have better focus and concentration- weight lifting is highly technical and needs us to focus in the moment.
  • Strong bones- lifting stimulates bone growth whereas high intensity cardio has been shown to reduce it!
  • Makes us faster – Olympic lifts are fast and ‘the snatch’ is the quickest movement performed by a human. Performing and learning the lifts are teaching us to become quicker in sport and to be more agile in everyday life.
  • Gives us better posture – As the lifts are learnt, they are broken down allowing us to become more bodily aware and they also strengthen the core and back muscles, which in turn give us better posture.
  • Allows us to move better – Just like increasing our flexibility, weight lifting helps us to move better because we have to.
  • Reduce and alleviate bodily aches and pains – It gets the muscles and bones strong.
  • Empowering-There is something quite awesome about lifting things up and putting them down. It makes you feel like a super hero!
  • Keeps us healthy and young – What is life without health?

Now let’s get lifting!
Laura x