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Why are you not losing fat

Ok so you’re frustrated, you are making every effort to loose fat but it simply won’t shift! I decided to write some reasons why this might be the case in order for you to correct your fat loss mistakes!

Not training efficiently

You may only like to use the cardio machines thus developing the nickname ‘cardio bunny’. Your body adapts to plodding on a cardio machine time after time and it becomes no longer able to burn fat. Your body will also increase levels of cortisol and leptin (the bodies stress hormones). It’s time to take risks, mix up your routine and try resistance training. If you really love your machines, they can still be used but as part of a Circuit mixed in with resistance exercises.

Too much dairy

Dairy blocks the bodies ability to burn fat. I believe it should never be cut out long term but while you reach your fat loss goals, I think it’s something to consider! Use a healthy alternative like almond or coconut milk.

Too many carbs

You may be eating too many carbs for your activity and body type. Some people are way more sensitive to carbs than others. Try eating protein based meals and include plenty of veg. Eat fruit in moderation and limit carbohydrates to after training.

Too low carbs

You may have eaten salads for years and never been able to loose weight. Have you ever considered that you may need to eat more carbs to loose weight? It’s alien I know but think about it, if we want to loose weight we all know that cutting carbs is going to do this. If you have been eating salads all this time, your body has nowhere to go. You see? Increasing carbs will re-fire your metabolism by increase leptin levels, which in turn increases calorie burn.


If you don’t get enough sleep, you crave high calorie foods and don’t want to exercise! Try to get as much sleep as you can!


Stress raises cortisol, our appetites increase and we crave sugary foods. This weakens the immune system and making us insulin resistant (ability to breakdown sugar). It’s unrealistic to tell you to not be stressed, however there are steps you can make to decrease it. Try yoga or meditation and make sure you are making time for your friends and family.

Having too many days off

Are you being honest with how many treats you are having? I’m big on

moderation but are you saying yes far too many times to biscuits in the office or pizza and sweets in front of the TV? Remember all of these calories add up!

Eating too little

Eating too little makes you body store fat! If you’re eating 1000 calories or less then your body is literally starving. You are damaging your health, inside and out and not being kind to yourself! Think about it, we need to eat to nourish and our bodies to burn calories just to keep us alive. Your body is stressed with you treating it this way and is fighting against you!

Finally ditch the scales and measure your fat loss in other ways! If you are training correctly, you are decreasing in fat and increasing in muscle, which is heavier.

Scales can be deceiving!